QIN Shoreline Management Plan Update


The Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) is in the process of developing a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) to guide the use and protection of shorelines within the QIN Reservation. 

What is it?

The goal of the SMP is to manage the use of the Nation’s shoreline natural resources without
impacting the environment. For this plan, “Shorelines” includes major rivers, such as the
Quinault, Queets, Raft, Salmon, and Moclips Rivers and Wreck Creek, as well as Lake Quinault, and the ocean shoreline.

How will it work?

The SMP will contain conditions and recommendations intended to compliment other QIN codes such as land use and zoning to ensure that upland activities do not adversely affect the health of fish and wildlife and shoreline natural features. Different shoreline areas will have different recommendations depending on the shoreline characteristics. The QIN Planning Department staff will consider shoreline characteristics when making permit conditions. The establishment of the SMP will increase the Tribe’s ability to self-govern, exercise its sovereignty and protect its natural environment.

What’s happening now?

The QIN Planning Department is working with a consultant to write the draft SMP. In the fall of 2017, the draft SMP will be presented for public review and comment and then to the QIN Business Committee for their action (see schedule).

How can I stay informed and involved in the plan update process?

Please provide your name and email address to the QIN Planning Department to receive information about future meetings, and progress on the plan update process. Below is a general calendar of anticipated future key steps*.

Shoreline Management Plan Schedule of Key Steps

1st public meetings to update community and receive public input
Oct 2016
Consultant prepares Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report
March 2017
Staff / consultant prepare draft Shoreline Management Plan
April-June 2017
Conduct review with Business Committee/other Departments
July 2017
Revise draft SMP
August 2017
2nd public meetings to present draft SMP and receive public input
Sept 2017
Prepare final Draft SMP
Sept 2017
Present final Plan and regulations for action by Business Committee
Oct 2017

*subject to change. Watch for announcements of future events or contact the QIN Planning Dept.

For more information:

October 2016 Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)

Survey Results from October 2016 Community Meetings (pdf)

QIN Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report (pdf)




For more information or to give feedback and suggestions to the Project Team, please contact Carl Smith, Charles Warsinske, or Sue Kalama by email or at (360) 276-8211, extensions 1040, 6821 and 228, respectively.