New Taholah School

A major component of the new village will be a new Taholah School. The existing K-12 school is located in the Lower Village and is therefore prone to tsunami damage. A site in the new village was identified for the school a decade ago near the high point of the Relocation Area. The first portion of the road to the school was completed in 2015. The school will be centrally located within the new village and within a short walk of most of the residential areas.

As part of the school road project an education specification was completed. The education specification estimated the cost of the new school to be approximately $50 million. The Nation will most likely have to pay for 80% of the school. Preliminary plans for the school are included below.

For more information or to give feedback and suggestions to the Project Team, please contact Kelsey Moldenke, Charles Warsinske or Sue Kalama by email or at (360) 276-8211, extensions 1038, 6821, or 6824 respectively. Artwork by Doug James.