Parks, Open Space and Trails

In order to encourage residents to walk more and to reduce driving within the village, a network of trails will connect open spaces and neighborhoods. Pathways will be built connecting the central park and school with new parks in the Relocation Area and to the existing facilities in the Snob Hill neighborhood. The trail system will connect to the existing trail from the Taholah School to the Administration Building, as well as the walking routes created by the Health and Wellness Division.

At a minimum, a pedestrian walkway shall be provided every 500 ft. along any street, connecting it to the next parallel street. Mid-block pathways shall occupy a corridor no less than 15 feet in width and the sidewalk itself shall be no less than 5 feet in width. Trails can be lit with solar lighting, such as that used on the Haxton Way project on the Lummi Reservation. The lights adjust brightness automatically upon sensing oncoming pedestrians and then reduce the brightness as after the pedestrian has passed. This will allow for lighting within the community even in the case of power outage and will cause the least amount of disturbance to neighboring properties and reduce light pollution. Parks and open space provide opportunities to incorporate art and culture into the village.

In the Northeast Neighborhood, an area currenty in engineering design, there will be an approximately 2-acre park in the center of the neighborhood. Other open space in Taholah is often placed at the back of lots and with no road connection and is ignored or becomes an attractive nuisance. This park, however, will be surrounded by streets and the fronts of homes, leading to more eyes on the park and greater security. The park will be an amenity with ample room for facilities that residents mentioned in surveys, such as a playground, covered basketball court, and skate park.

For more information or to give feedback and suggestions to the Project Team, please contact Kelsey Moldenke, Charles Warsinske or Sue Kalama by email or at (360) 276-8211, extensions 1038, 6821, or 6824 respectively. Artwork by Doug James.