Notice of Completion for Lease for Generations Building

Draft Tribal EIR for Lease

2016 Environmental Assessment

The WenɑsɡwəllɑʔɑW (Generations Building) was established as a priority in 2007. The building will house the Senior Program, Early Head Start, Head Start and Day Care programs to move the programs for the most vulnerable of our community to higher ground, above the tsunami. Other programs sharing the new space will include MIS and Emergency Management.

The building opened in May 2021.Artists who participated in the art integration project include Aubrey Della, James Delacruz, Jr., Ezekiel Serrano, Corinna English, Stephan Smith, Titus Capoeman, and Tootie James.

For more information or to give feedback and suggestions to the Project Team, please contact Kelsey Moldenke, Kelvin Frank or Michael Cardwell by email or at (360) 276-8211, extensions 1038, 6821, or 6824, respectively. Fish logo artwork by Doug James.